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Mulberry Shade Trees Grown and Delivered From Cottonwood and Camp Verde Get Your Order in While They Last Ready By the End of August They will be by Order Only . Estimated Sizes are 3-15 feet Prices will be from $15.00 - $50.00 GET Yours while available. TREES AND MORE TREES This is a HOME with this Hobby not a Nursery Store Shade Trees / Fruit Trees / Berry Tree Leaves can be used for Medicinal Purposes Also / Blooming Holly Hock Plants / Apricot /Peach/ Plum / and Vines Berry Trees Gourds / Shade Trees /Tropical Trees/ Fruit Trees/ Flowers / Vines & Seeds For Sale Gourd 2017 Crop approx 65 Gourds Left Not Cleaned Not Cut Seeds are inside Still small to large Gourds 3"-9" in Diameter $5.00 each or 5 @ $20.00 Gourd Seeds for Sale 40 plus $5.00 also Tropical Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis Impala) - To add this unique tropical annual to your landscape, start Castor Bean seeds and be amazed at how fast this plant grows! Impala is tall and dramatic with huge copper-red leaves and clusters of creamy yellow blooms, followed by maroon pods. This evergreen tropical shrub can grow so fast that it can be used as a very large and dramatic annual in the garden. Castor Oil plants are remarkably architectural and can be used very effectively in the center of island beds or at the back of large borders. These Are Great for Gopher Rodents This plant grows very quickly, and can even grow as much as 20 feet in 1 year! It has a wonderful tropical look with its huge dramatic leaves. Stately quick-growing ornamental plant with tropical appearance • If you grow Castor Beans in your garden and you have children and Pets it is safest to remove and ; destroy the seed pods before they mature Mole Repellent Zanzibar, Sanguinea and Carmencita Castor Beans Great for Gopher Repellent Natural Mole Repellent Seeds and seedpods are poisonous - please use caution Allows your Garden to Grow Vegetables Fruits and Flowers Castor Bean seeds 25 Plus $4.00 Plus self Stamped Return Address Envelope (2 Stamps ) Able To Ship Out Gourds also Holly Hock , Castor Bean Seeds Extra Shipping Fee Se Habla Espanol Tambien Cottonwood / Camp Verde / Wittmann Local Arizona 623-975-5956 or 520-310-7816 Home of the Tiny Apple Head Chihuahuas and Imperial Shihtzus